360 ball – A Whole New Ball Game!


If ever there was justification for use of the expression “a whole new ball game” then this is it.

When Knysna based company Cirxola Sports cc submitted their concept for adjudication at an international Sports Business Awards, the ISPO Brand New Awards in Germany, they were not expecting to become the Overall Winner.

360ball, as the name of the game alludes to, is a racquet and ball game played in a circular court and was developed in the Garden Route, in South Africa. Although the game in a circle has its origins as a back yard contest between brothers Mark and John Collins who used to bounce a ball of a circular wooden disc, it is today hardly recognizable from its original format.

Although a version of the game does come designed for backyard recreation or play on the beach, it is at the top end of the game, in the specially constructed “Pro Court,” the real competitive sparks fly. Behind the high spec poly carbon walls, sporting action that rivals tennis, squash or volleyball in every aspect takes place. This fast paced game produces rallies that are as exciting to watch as they are in participating.

Playing 360ball involves striking the ball off a centrally placed concave disc and it differs markedly from other ball games firstly, in that players of the same team may pass the ball to each other between strikes, and secondly and perhaps more revolutionary, in that there are no set sides to the court. Play rotates 360 degrees around the central disc.

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